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Sonic all stars racing transformed pc download completo

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Used 22 Select items Under EUR Over EUR Please provide a valid price range. Available inventory. Buying format. All listings. Accepts Offers. Buy it now. A kart racing game like never before. Yes, it might a rip off from som Mario kart games, but it still is an amazing and very unique. I am having hard time to say anything bad about this game. All i am gonna say, it’s not just racing, it’s racing transformed. Great challenge modes, awesome cast of characters, and did I mention amazing track design?

I’d pick this over Mario kart any day. I find this game really fun! I see some comments criticising the difficulty 😀 Well yes, even I at the beginning had problems and thought that it is too difficult, but this is actually the way the game teaches you to do air flips and drifts Without those, you would not get to the end.. All in all, great graphics, great music, lots of vehicle choices even though more is always welcome I find this game really fun!

All in all, great graphics, great music, lots of vehicle choices even though more is always welcome and very fun to play online or with a friend split screen it can be played split screen online, which is amazing! Thank you Sega! And thank you that my controller works unlike many other games, where I have to use software for my ps3 controller … Expand.

What seems like a cheap cash-in at first is actually a great, fun, and enjoyable racing game that really holds up against great kart racers like Mario Kart. Lots of content, modes, and unlockables, and a great soundtrack. Driving feels like Mario Kart, flying feels like Starfox 64, and riding the waves feels like Waverace.

The tracks change depending on the lap you are on and utilise all What seems like a cheap cash-in at first is actually a great, fun, and enjoyable racing game that really holds up against great kart racers like Mario Kart.

The tracks change depending on the lap you are on and utilise all of these functions. Wish more of my friends owned this game for the craziness that is the multiplayer. If you enjoy arcade kart racing, you owe yourself to check this out. A very good kart racing game Races are not easy at all and AI enemies are often very though to beat. Multiplayer experience is crippled by a rating system that penalizes players because of server faults the game disconnect and I get a penalty?

That’s a nonsense. Also, cartoon Danica Patrick. Sonic and All Stars Racing is an unexpected gem of a game. I have seen many mediocre kart racing games over the years and I expected this game to be the same. Boy was I wrong. This game is full of personality, different characters, many game modes, changing race tracks, great game mechanics, lots of multiplayer options, varying difficulty options and breathtaking graphical scenery.

Pick up Sonic and All Stars Racing is an unexpected gem of a game. Pick up this game. I want to start by saying that I haven’t enjoyed playing a racing game like this in a long time.

Yes, Mario Kart is fun, but you don’t feel like you are going fast. This game is by far worth every penny that it costs. The graphics are great for the game. What I mean for this is that nothing looks out of place in the game. I have played many games where some graphics look outstanding, but I want to start by saying that I haven’t enjoyed playing a racing game like this in a long time.

I have played many games where some graphics look outstanding, but then you have those low quality textures and meshes for all of the objects that are in the background.

It subtracts from the game in a major way in my opinion. The audio design for this game is deserving of an “A” grade as well. There aren’t any sounds that don’t seem to belong in the game, there is no clipping, or sound clips drowning out others.

Now that I have covered the typical graphics and audio aspects lets move on to game play. The game play controls are so simple that you could pick up the game and just play. This is a great thing seeing as some games just have to many things to do. As for the other aspects of game play I felt this game really delivered.

Whether you are flying a plane or driving a car or boat the game holds it’s fun and entertainment. Now for content. The game has 21 different tracks, which in my opinion is awesome, but it still doesn’t compare to Nintendo releasing around 20 new tracks, and twenty old ones in every Mario Kart Game. This means that in every Mario Kart game there are roughly 40 tracks.

I also felt that the amount of variation between characters was not optimized, as well as the console mods. The mods could have had much more of an effect in the game. I understand that things must remain balanced, but some of the mods don’t really make the character play the way you would think they should. I also felt like there was a lack of characters. Not in the sense of quantity, but in the sense of variety. In fact I would have loved to see them bring back more characters from games that came out around the same time that Golden Axe and Shinobi did such as: Phantasy Star, Kid Chameleon, Shinning Force, Vectorman, and maybe even Comix Zone.

All of these would have made awesome additions to the game. All-in-all though the game is still superb. I know I may have made it seem like the characters and where a huge deal to me, but they aren’t enough to sway me below a 9 out of This game is till truly fantastic. This game This game is fantastically solid. It’s like Sega took the concept of Smash Bros Combining all their IPs and a few extras and used their marketing nonsense of going fast in the 90s and made it a kart racer out of it.

The most surprising thing is that this game is arguably better than any Mario Kart in the last 10 years. Gameplay is tight, quick, and FAST. YES, no more blue shells! No more will you be punished for being in first. You’ll be going over a bridge on lap 1 that will be a broken bridge that you turn into a plane off of to continue the race! Barring that menu theme. I am so sick of this menu theme.

I’m a big fan of throwing my PC onto my TV when my friends come over for some gaming. I am very happy that this game has solid split-screen action. I had 60 fps with two players on S Rank with no problems. Very nice. It did chug down to about 45 fps with 3 people though. Then again, playing with three people split-screen is horrendous these days anyway. The game does have a few issues I’d like to point out.

So, when you mess up and fall off the track, it’s normal to be put back on the track seconds later, obviously. Probably not at top speed anymore either.

I’ve had this happen to me a few times when it shouldn’t have. Usually you’ll be in the plane, and fly off in a direction that the game didn’t want you to. Sometimes it’ll even put you back on the track at an angle on the ground or something. It has lost me races in the past, and I hate it. Definitely a game that requires a controller. So, be ready for that.

I wouldn’t play a racing game without one anyway, but I hear some do. The voice acting for just about each and every character is just wrong. This is probably what got to me most, since you hear them all the time. They obviously didn’t get any of the original voice actors for any of the characters.

Or at least the most of the characters. It’s pretty glaring and obnoxious, but it’s tolerable at least. Luckily, these issues still don’t detract just from how much love there is in this game. Definitely not perfect, but the best kart racer on the pc as far as I can tell.

If you are even considering buying this game, get it. It’s worth it. Where Mario Kart games can really feel like they’re mostly based on luck, SASRT is mostly based on skill, even though you can still get a good item that would help you get the upperhand, but even then, you’ll still have to use it wisely and have the skill to do so, or it will be completely useless. Every single inch of the races are calculated to reward you if you’re doing good and punish you if you screw up.

Where Mario kart games single-player will gladly leave you the first place in any race on any difficulty setting and make sure the closest opponent stays a mile away from you, SASRT’s AI will rather hunt you down and take you out like there’s a billion dollars bounty on your head And don’t get me wrong, I love Mario kart, especially Double Dash on gamecube.

A competent arcade racer on PC with a great amount of depth! The name threw me at first, but after a handful of laps I was convinced: SEGA is still in the game, at least to the extent that they out-Mario Kart-ed, Nintendo. Changing between vehicles Finally! Changing between vehicles mid-lap and even the lap variations that take place during races is such a cool touch..

The controls were a little hard for me to get used to at first, the drifting part, but now its second nature. Also native controller support is a plus. I really can’t say enough good things about this game. Its awesome. I created an account here just to review this game So, lets start. First of all, im playing it for about 4 days or so and ive got almost 20 hours on it, so, thats how much im enjoying it. The gameplay is great and everything is fluid. I’m playing with a XBOX controller and couldn’t ask anything better.

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That’s not to say that it’s a horrible console port. If anything, it’s not even a port: it feels like a console emulation, right down to its insistence on referring to your PC as the “storage device” and refusing to acknowledge the existence of peripherals, such as a mouse. When viewed and accepted as a console game that’s got a little bit lost and wandered on to thr wrong platform, things aren’t so bad.

Gameplay is smooth, visuals are colourful and unashamedly jolly, and the game is full of catchy and nostalgic music. A few performance issue mar an otherwise fun little racer, and with unlockable tracks, music and characters, a series of challenge-based ‘missions’, the usual array of tournaments and single races, and the return of splitscreen multiplayer to the PC, it’s hard to be too harsh on this deranged but loveable little blue entity.

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Sonic all stars racing transformed pc download completo


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