Msi Laptop Not Turning On

Discovering that your MSI laptop isn’t responding can be stressful. However, rather than giving in to panic, it’s essential to approach the situation methodically and identify the potential causes.

Verify Power Source

Begin by ensuring your laptop is properly connected to a power source. If you’re utilizing an electrical outlet, test its functionality with another device. In the case of a battery-powered laptop, try connecting it directly to an outlet using the charger.

Conduct a Hard Reset

Sometimes, a hard reset can alleviate power-related issues. Disconnect your laptop from any power source and remove the battery (if feasible). Hold down the power button for around 15 seconds. Then, reconnect the battery and power source, and make an attempt to power on the laptop.

Inspect the Battery

For laptops with removable batteries, confirm the battery is correctly seated. Occasionally, dust or debris can hinder the battery’s connection. Gently clean the contacts, reinsert the battery securely, and check for changes.

Test the Charger

A malfunctioning charger can impede your laptop’s ability to power on. Evaluate the charger by using it with another compatible device to determine its functionality. If the charger proves problematic, consider procuring a replacement.

Address Display-related Problems

If your laptop appears unresponsive with a blank screen, it might indicate a display issue rather than a power problem. To validate this, connect the laptop to an external monitor and assess if the display is the root cause.

Examine Hardware Connections

Loose hardware components can disrupt the laptop’s power function. If you’re comfortable, access the laptop’s back panel and verify that components such as RAM and the hard drive are securely in place.

Reset BIOS Settings

Inaccurate BIOS settings can lead to power-related complications. To reset these settings, consult your laptop’s manual for precise instructions. Exercise caution when altering BIOS configurations.

Seek Professional Assistance

Should the previous steps prove ineffective, it’s advisable to seek help from professionals. MSI’s customer support or certified technicians can proficiently diagnose and address the underlying issue.

Preventive Measures

To avert future power-related complications, adopt careful practices when handling your laptop. Shield it from extreme temperatures, maintain cleanliness, and exclusively use chargers and accessories that are compatible.

Insights from Users

Numerous users have encountered and shared similar experiences online. Exploring relevant forums and discussions could yield valuable insights and potential solutions that have proven effective for others.


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