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When the game begins, Sam appears in Egypt. He travels from one Egyptian monument to the next, fighting against the monsters Mental dispatches along the way. During the journey of Sam, he manages to find and activate a secret Sirian communicator, which has the form of an obelisk, located in Luxor , that summons a spaceship in outer space Sirian its way to Earth. After a keen battle, Sam manages to defeat the giant and teleports into the ship. Enemies often appear and attack in large waves from all over the map, and the player has to avoid their projectiles and attacks, which usually make jumping and moving, rather than hiding.

Health and armor do not regenerate itself, instead it is added to the packages that are available at all levels. The remaining health is shown as a percentage figure on the screen.

Battles are fast and savage: the level usually consists of several arenas in which the player must win a certain number of enemies, who re-appears the English term — spawn before proceeding to the next road. The player can carry an unlimited quantity of arms and ammunition levels are also very much to the enemies dying it never fails to act.

After the visual style is fantastic and ridiculous. It is a game of shooting first-person with option to play in third-person created by video game developer Croatian Croteam. Originally only released to the market personal computers , the emerging popularity of Serious Sam resulted in ports being created for various platforms, including Xbox , GameCube , PlayStation 2 and Xbox Live Arcade , among others.

The Serious Sam games are created in the traditional style of shooters in first-person, such as Doom and Quake. Enemies often spawn and attack in large waves the map, and the player must avoid their missiles and dodging attacks sideways and jumping, rather than simply go to some cover. Life and armor are not regenerative, and can be recovered through items scattered throughout the stages of the game.

Life and armor remaining are represented by percentages on the screen. Fable Fortune has been designed from the ground up around 2 player co-op. Team up with a friend or stranger to learn the game, working together to take down challenging Raid Bosses. In Co-op mode, you take turns to fight, but you share each others units. Beat bosses to earn exclusive prizes and rewards. Different Arenas have different Quests and Rewards, changing the battlefield.

It’s the dawn of the 21st Century and Earth makes the only kind of discovery worth talking about: the startling kind. Seems that humans weren’t the first people to call Earth home. The other earth dwellers died off long ago, but left lots of techno goodies buried in the sand.

Fast-forward to and suddenly Earth goes from Universal super-power to sandbox wimp with alternate dimensional baddies kicking our butts from Alpha Centauri all the way back to Mother Earth.

World Leaders have a meeting of the minds and decide to send war veteran Sam “Serious” Stone back in time to Ancient Egypt to pillage Earth’s long-forgotten race for new and interesting technology. Of course that race isn’t exactly receptive Serious Sam plays like most First Person Shooters, just a lot faster.

Excellent default controls make tinkering with the keyboard and mouse set-up unnecessary for all but the most anal of players. And good thing too, because you’re not going to have a lot of time to perfect your shot without getting overwhelmed by the seemingly endless hordes of bizarre creatures the game throws at you from the get-go. Did I say bizarre? Well, bizarre — or any single word, really — can’t capture the truly disturbing creatures you’ll find in seething packs in Serious Sam.

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